I have been an artist all my life. Thirty five years ago I built my own boat
and spent eight years sailing around the world. Upon my return
I became a teacher for the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY,
presenting a class called "Re-imaging the Image." and taught several
sessions teaching the art of painting the sea at Omega's location on St. John. U.S.V.I  

I spend six months each year on my boat in the Carribean, always creating art projects, three months in the Virgin Islands and three months at my studio on the island of St. Barth.

Each May I leave my boat at anchor and fly to Key West, Fla. where I have another studio. I spend about a month there, then work my way up the coast to Maine where I spend my summer.

I have decided to share with others, what I have learned, . I have been travelling my whole life and by doing this have learned many shortcuts on how to live without taking up too much space and without having too much overhead.

Now looking for students (any age o.k.) for summer 2016. Spaces are limited for this one week experience. Cost is $500 all inclusive.

Please submit your resume to:     davidart_w   at   yahoo.com     and a statement about the purpose of your workshop with me.