The Lost Arts


clay, styrofoam, wood and metal, mold making in silicone

oil, acrylics, patinas (bronze and gold)

Sign Painting
gold leaf on glass, lettering with squirrel hair quills, lettering & spacing

by hand, or on a 100 year old hand crank Singer, bags, hats, clothing and sail making

Forging metal into useful tools and art

Cooking in the Wild
Paella on an open fire, barbeque, bread making in a wood fired oven

Puppet Making Made Easy
Magically transform garage sale stuffed animals, or build your own

Model Making
Boats in a bottle and boats that sail of all sizes

Instrument Building and Repair

The Art of Decoupage
Reimaging the image and the art of presentation

Stained Glass
Soldering and cutting


A note on materials: Most materials in my workshops can be purchased
from the local hardware store, such as

Roof tar
Drywall screws
Rock hard putty
Latex paint
Cracking emulsion

In addtion I like to include thrift shop and garage sale treasures.